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Jeff Glover Tyke Bamboo Grey

Availability: In Stock
Brand: Lucky Gi

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Here Is Exactly What Makes This Bamboo Blend Gi Stand Out

•    This Gi is super light weight. The breathability of The Jeff Glover Signature Gi will make your long training sessions seem easy.
    •    Made from Lucky Gi Micro Pearl Weave Bamboo Blend Fabric. Your Jeff Glover Gi will never tear and stay reliable throughout your hardest training days.
    •    The pants are 10 oz. bamboo denim for the perfect feel. The pant string is also extremely durable, simple to use, and 100% guaranteed.
    •    The Gi is self-wicking and naturally anti-microbial.
    •    The Glover Gi comes with reinforced belt loops and the perfect amount of polyester added to the top fabric to eliminate stretching while staying soft and makes for much quicker drying.
    •    The New Lucky Gi comes with Athletic and Husky Fit options allowing every Jiu Jitsu athlete the perfect fit.
    •    You will also receive a luxuriously designed travel Gi bag matches the specs of the Gi for stylish travel.
    •    1 Year No Hassle Money Back Warranty
    •    ...And so much more.

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