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Lucky Gi/Puscifer Blue Colab Gi

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Brand: Lucky Gi

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The Bamboo Series Lucky Gi - Puscifer Model Part Deux


Imagine the perfect Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi, one that is stronger, softer, extra lightweight, and with a 1 year warranty. How about one that keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, a gi that absorbs sweat and deodorizes at the same time with natural occurring anti-bacterial properties; a gi that keeps you smelling better and in better hygiene? Not only would this gi be good for you and its good for the environment!


There are the benefits of the bamboo blend fabric in the new Lucky Gi.


Stronger than cotton and hemp!


Bamboo is much stronger than cotton and even than hemp. Softer Bamboo is the softest fabric next to silk you can buy. Silk gis wouldn't pass IBJJF, I already thought of that. They would be too hard to hold on to.  


Warmer and Cooler?


Bamboo fibers expand when warm to let skin breathe, and contract when cool to trap heat close to the body.  




Bamboo actually kills germs and bacteria that accumulate in fabrics made of bamboo. This means that bamboo won't harbor bacteria as much as cotton fabrics.   

High Quality Construction


These Lucky Gis are made with the same top quality sewing machines and the whole gi is triple an double stitched. The top and the pants have full reinforced gussets through out.   The top is made of 420 Light weight True Platinum Weave™ fabric. This is the same weave as the last generation of Lucky Gis very smooth and soft on the inside and course on the outside. This gi is very light yet very strong due to the properties of the Bamboo fabric.  


The top still has a thick competition style collar, but this time it is made from UV True Temperature™ foam. This a very light and flexible foam.  


The Lucky Gi pants weave is a bamboo blend canvas that is about 10oz in weight. They feature the same triple gusset crotch and low cut fit as the original Lucky Gi pants did. We did make one small change. The pants are now an inch longer. The gi pants are the softest part of the gi. They feel like they are lined in silk. These are the softest gis on the market today.  


The whole gi fits like a nice suit, is soft like your pajamas, but strong as armor. And, on top of that you will look like a million bucks.


Don't be fooled! 


Lucky Gi is the most knocked off gi on the market. If you are not buying directly from Lucky Gi or one of our distributers you are not getting a ligitimate Lucky Gi.


The Pusscifer Lucky Gi

This new Lucky Gi is limited edition.


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