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    Lucky Gi Travel Gi

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    Brand: Lucky Gi

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    Lucky Gi’s New Travel Gi


    Travel while training can be a bit of a trick. Whether your flying or driving, your Gi defiantly takes up space. With this in mind, we have released our Travel Gi. This Gi comes in at under 3.5 lbs. half the weight of a standard Gi! This Gi is ready to go anywhere your travels and training take you!



    -The Rip Stop Material is thinner and lighter than your standard cotton Gis.(won't make your luggage over the weight limit)


    -Included Water Resistant Gi Bag for easy storage and packing! (Won't stink up the rest of your clothes on the road)


    -11oz Rip Stop Pants! Triple Gusset Crotch! (super strong)


    -Woven Lapel and Neck Patches! Embroidered Arm and Leg Logos!


    -The Black Stitch on the White Gi really makes the Gi POP! (same Lucky Gi Style where ever you roll)

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